Editable Calendar 2024 in Excel, Word, PDF (2024)

Other Editable Calendar for 2024

We offer a wide range of editable calendar types to suit your specific needs. Whether you require a quarterly calendar, weekly calendar, or other formats, we have you covered. Simply browse our collection and choose the calendar type that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Editable Calendar 2024 in Excel, Word, PDF (1)

Editable Weekly Calendar 2024

A weekly calendar breaks down the month into weekly sections, usually displaying one week per page. It offers a more detailed view of your schedule, allowing you to plan and organize your week effectively, highlighting tasks, deadlines, and commitments.

Editable Calendar 2024 in Excel, Word, PDF (2)

Editable Quarterly Calendar 2024

A quarterly calendar covers a three-month period, providing a broader view of your schedule. It allows you to plan and track events, goals, and milestones over a specific quarter of the year.

Editable Calendar 2024 in Excel, Word, PDF (3)

Editable Two-Month Calendar for 2024

A two-month calendar typically displays two consecutive months on a single page. This format is useful for short-term planning, allowing you to see the days, dates, and events of two months at a glance. Two-month calendars are often used for specific purposes, such as project timelines, travel itineraries, or academic schedules. They offer a compact view of events and appointments, making it easier to plan and manage activities for a specific period.

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2024 Photo Calendar

A photo calendar incorporates personal photographs or artwork into the calendar design. It adds a personalized touch, allowing you to showcase cherished memories or favorite images throughout the year.

Holidays for 2024

When printing a calendar, you might want to include special holidays or events. Take advantage of our comprehensive list of holidays and observed dates to ensure your calendar is complete. Stay informed about important occasions and plan accordingly with our curated collection of holidays and observances. Enhance your calendar with these significant dates and make sure you never miss a memorable moment.

Holiday Name Day Date
New Year's DayMondayJanuary 01, 2024
Martin Luther King Jr. DayMondayJanuary 15, 2024
Valentine's DayWednesdayFebruary 14, 2024
Presidents' DayMondayFebruary 19, 2024
St. Patrick's DaySundayMarch 17, 2024
Easter SundaySundayMarch 31, 2024
Easter MondayMondayApril 01, 2024
Cinco de MayoSundayMay 05, 2024
Mother's DaySundayMay 12, 2024
Memorial DayMondayMay 27, 2024
Flag DayFridayJune 14, 2024
Father's DaySundayJune 16, 2024
JuneteenthWednesdayJune 19, 2024
Independence DayThursdayJuly 04, 2024
Labor DayMondaySeptember 02, 2024
Columbus DayMondayOctober 14, 2024
HalloweenThursdayOctober 31, 2024
Election DayTuesdayNovember 05, 2024
Veterans DayMondayNovember 11, 2024
Thanksgiving DayThursdayNovember 28, 2024
Black FridayFridayNovember 29, 2024
Christmas DayWednesdayDecember 25, 2024

Save time and effort by opting for our calendar with pre-included holidays. Say goodbye to manually adding holidays to your calendar, our pre-populated version already includes all the important dates. Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-use calendar, complete with holidays, ensuring that you stay informed and well-prepared. Simplify your planning process and get started with our calendar that has holidays included.

2024 Calendar with United State Holidays2024 Calendar with United Kingdom Holidays2024 Calendar with Canada Holidays
2024 Calendar with Australia Holidays2024 Calendar with Germany Holidays2024 Calendar with France Holidays

About Editable Calendar

An Editable Calendar is a calendar template or format that allows users to modify and customize its content according to their specific needs. It typically includes editable fields or sections where users can input their own information, such as events, appointments, reminders, and personal notes. This flexibility allows individuals to personalize the calendar based on their preferences and requirements, making it a versatile tool for planning and organization. With an editable calendar, you have the freedom to tailor the content to suit your unique scheduling and tracking needs.

There are several compelling reasons to use an editable calendar:

  1. Customization: An editable calendar allows you to personalize it according to your preferences and needs. You can modify the layout, colors, fonts, and add your own images or branding, creating a calendar that reflects your style and organizational preferences.
  2. Flexibility: With an editable calendar, you have the flexibility to adjust and modify your schedule as needed. You can easily add, delete, or move events, appointments, and tasks, ensuring that your calendar remains up-to-date and adaptable to changes.
  3. Organization: An editable calendar provides a structured platform to keep all your important dates, deadlines, and commitments in one place. By organizing your schedule in a centralized calendar, you can easily track and manage your time, reducing the likelihood of double bookings or missed appointments.
  4. Collaboration: Editable calendars are particularly useful for teams or groups who need to coordinate schedules and share information. Multiple individuals can update and view the calendar simultaneously, facilitating seamless collaboration and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.
  5. Reminders and Alerts: Many editable calendar platforms offer reminder features, allowing you to set notifications for important events or deadlines. These reminders can help you stay on track and ensure that you don't overlook crucial tasks or appointments.
  6. Efficiency: By using an editable calendar, you can optimize your time management and improve your overall efficiency. You can allocate specific time slots for different activities, prioritize tasks, and easily identify any scheduling conflicts or gaps.
  7. Long-term Planning: An editable calendar enables you to plan ahead and view your schedule over a longer time horizon. This allows you to anticipate upcoming events, prepare in advance, and allocate resources effectively.
  8. Accessibility: Many editable calendars can be accessed across multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. This accessibility ensures that you can view, update, and synchronize your calendar from anywhere, keeping you connected and organized on the go.


Using an Editable Calendar 2024 provides you with the flexibility, customization, and organization necessary to effectively manage your schedule and improve your productivity. It empowers you to take control of your time and stay on top of your commitments, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and success in both personal and professional endeavors.

Editable Calendar 2024 in Excel, Word, PDF (2024)


Is there a 2024 calendar template in Word? ›

2024 Calendar

2024 Word Calendar Template. Ideal for use as a academic planner, work calendar, personal planner, event planner, etc. All calendar templates are free, blank, editable and ready for printing! All Calendar Word files are in DOCX format and compatible with OpenOffice and Google Docs.

How to make an editable calendar in Excel? ›

On the File menu, click New from Template. On the rightmost side, in the Search All Templates search box, type Calendar. Pick a calendar template you want and click Create. You can easily apply your own look to a calendar.

How do I Create a fillable calendar in Word? ›

Click on the “File” tab and select “New” to open the template gallery. In the search bar, type “calendar” and browse through the available options. Select the calendar template that suits your needs and click on it to open. Customize the template by adding your own details, such as dates, events, and holidays.

Does Word or Excel have a calendar template? ›

Many calendar templates are available for use in Microsoft Excel. A template provides a basic calendar layout that you can easily adapt for your needs. An Excel calendar template may have one or more of these features: Twelve months in one or separate worksheets.

Is there a calendar template in Word for free? ›

Tip: If you're already in Word for the web, see all the calendar templates by going to File > New, and then below the template images click More on Office.com. You'll be on the Templates for Word page. In the list of categories, click Calendars.

How to make calendar 2024 online? ›

Mixbook Studio makes it easy to create a photo calendar at any time of the year. Start with any month. Simply choose your theme, upload your photos, personalize it, and then order your calendar.

Can I turn an Excel spreadsheet into a calendar? ›

On the File menu, select Close and Return to Microsoft Excel. Select the Sheet1 tab. On the Tools menu, point to Macro, and then select Macros. Select CalendarMaker, and then select Run to create the calendar.

Does Excel have a schedule template? ›

You can find a variety of schedule templates in Excel, ranging from monthly schedules, weekday displays, and schedules with notes. There templates are pre-made and formatted, ready for you to add your own information. With so many available schedule templates, how do you know which one is the easiest to use?

How to make a smart calendar in Excel? ›

How to Create a Calendar in Microsoft Excel for Windows
  1. Open Microsoft Excel on your PC.
  2. Click on the New icon in the left nav menu.
  3. Click Calendar under the search bar to see included Microsoft calendar templates.
  4. Click on the calendar you want to use, and click the Create button. ...
  5. Rename and save the template.

How to create a calendar in Microsoft? ›

To create a new calendar:
  1. In Outlook on the web, select Calendar > Add calendar > Create new calendar.
  2. Give your calendar a name.
  3. Customize your calendar with a color, a charm, or both.
  4. Optional: Add your calendar to an existing calendar group. ...
  5. Select Save.

What are the changes in Excel 2024? ›

Welcome to the April 2024 update. Generating multiple formula columns, creating complex formula columns that span across multiple tables, and new ways to engage with Copilot in Excel are now available to Excel users on web and Windows.

How to make a calendar in 2024? ›

4 tips on how to create your own photo calendars
  1. Search online for free calendar templates.
  2. Choose a calendar style that meets your needs.
  3. Add your favourite photo images.
  4. Use high quality paper to print.

How to make an automatic calendar in Excel? ›

Open Microsoft Excel on your PC. Click on the New icon in the left nav menu. Click Calendar under the search bar to see included Microsoft calendar templates. Click on the calendar you want to use, and click the Create button.

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