Future comes past - Chapter 10 - Rhey_Targaryen (2024)

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‘’Where is he?!’’

‘’Where is who, your Grace?’’

Rhaenyra glared daggers at the royal guard who was supposed to keep an eye on Otto, furiously pointing towards one of the many exits. Her blood was boiling, Syrax echoing her anger outside as she let out a mighty roar that scared even Meleys.

‘’OTTO f*ckING HIGHTOWER?! You were supposed to keep an eye on the man, but you failed in your duty!’’ The poor knight paled as Rhaenyra stood up, walking his way with vengeance in her eyes. ‘’I ought to reward your incompetence by feeding you to my dragon!’’

‘’Now now Rhaenyra, do not be so angry at the lad. It’s only a small mistake and-‘’

‘’A small mistake you say?! Father are you so drunk on milk of the poppy that you forgot what was revealed today? I should hope that you of all people would be most angry for the crimes committed against our House, but apparently not!’’

‘’What I meant to say before you interrupted me dear child, is that maybe we should send a search party to look for him? The man couldn’t have gone that far,’’ Viserys said as he looked to his cousin Rhaenys and her husband Corlys. ‘’Driftmark’s people are loyal to you and only you, surely you would be notified if someone were to leave the island by ship?’’

‘’Certainly my King.’’

‘’And what of the dragons? Can they not find him?’’

‘’…has someone seen Ghost?’’

Everyone turned to little Jon, his young head turning this way and that in search of his beloved direwolf.

‘’Nyra, I think Ghost is following him!’’

‘’Are you sure sweet boy?’’ Rhaenyra kneeled in front of Jon, hopeful. The little boy’s eyes turned white and it seemed like he was lost to the world. ‘’Jon? Hello? Jon? Seven hells what’s happening? AEGON!’’

Jon’s eyes, Aegon’s eyes, turned back to normal immediately after the heir to the Iron Throne screamed his birth name. Daenerys giggled as the little boy swayed on his feet, like he was prone to do after each time he shared his mind with Ghost. But not everyone knew that.

‘’There you are sweet boy, where did you go?’’ Soft hands against his cheeks, Jon smiled as he slowly closed his eyes. The warmth of the princess’s hands, like that of a mother he never knew, almost made him forget where he was. ‘’Jon? What happened?’’

‘’I was with Ghost.’’

‘’How so?’’

‘’I can warg into him, like many Starks before me!’’ Jon jumped up and down excitedly, innocent eyes turning to Viserys. ‘’You should send someone after my Ghost if you don’t want your Hand to die. He’s running after him on the beach.’’

‘’Oh dear gods!’’

‘’The dragons are circling him too,’’ Jon announced, sharing a mischievous smile with Dany. ‘’I don’t know why Otto thinks he’s going to get away from them on a horse. Doesn’t he know dragons are faster than horses?’’

A flurry of men, Targaryen guards as well as Velaryon ones, were sent after the fugitive in hopes that they wouldn’t be too late. As all of this was happening, the ever calculating gaze of the Queen Who Never Was kept watching over Jon and Daenerys. The two children appeared all too pleased that the attention shifted to someone else, seeming to think that everybody forgot to question them further on why they knew what they knew.

But Rhaenys didn’t forget.

‘’Are we going to talk about the elephant in the room?’’

‘’What do you mean cousin?’’

‘’Clearly, I can’t be the one to wonder how such young children are aware of private events pertaining to House Targaryen in particular,’’ Rhaenys stood in the middle of the room, intelligent eyes upon her targets presently hidden in the heir’s arms. ‘’I am not a fool. You must all want to have the answers as well.’’

‘’It is rather strange how they knew about the King’s conversation with his brother, but maybe a spy was listening in and told them about it?’’ Corlys wondered out loud. The Lord of Driftmark squirmed on the spot when he locked gazes with Rhaenyra’s oldest brother. ‘’What’s with the long look my prince?’’

‘’Wasn’t them appearing out of thin air enough for you?’’

‘’That may have been the gods of old warning us about something?’’ Viserys adds as an afterthought. Rhaenyra looks at her father skeptically. ‘’Daughter don’t look at me like that. My body might be drunk but I am a man of Valyrian descent, the fourteen bless them. Maybe it is their doing after all.’’

‘’Shouldn’t we be asking Jon and Daenerys about that?’’

All eyes turn to their newest addition. Both children look conflicted, mumbling to themselves from their comfortable place in Rhaenyra’s arms. The Rogue Prince approaches them, searching their gaze as they try their best to evade his.

‘’Would you be willing to tell us little dragons?’’ Daemon asks gently. Daenerys lets him take her in his own arms, giggling as the dragon rider starts to tickle her. ‘’We know your names, but we don’t know your history.’’

Jon, Aegon (he ought to get used to that name), looks into his Dany’s eyes, a silent question in them. Was this really the right time to reveal everything?

Daenerys takes one last look around, contemplating the people gathered here with them. Were they really about to do this? Was this not a mistake? Would they be treated differently after? They’ve only been here a day, yet Jon and her immediately latched onto the princess Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen like they knew them their entire life, and it would hurt like hell if the affection they were readily given would be taken away from them.

The little girl let out a sigh then, the sound oddly reminding everyone of an exasperated adult.

‘’It all started when a King in the North went on a boat to answer the summon of a long lost Targaryen princess…’’

Future comes past - Chapter 10 - Rhey_Targaryen (2024)
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